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Day 86 of #100DaysToOffload

So this is day 86 of 100 daisies to offload. Because you can absolutely disguise yourself as a flower courier in HITMAN mission 2, after that good luck getting down to the super secret lab! My god that game is good. 6 missions only, but with sandbox gameplay it's actually has some replayability.

I honestly don't know how I remember this or why I write this. So lazy.

If I think about HITMAN, I think about Peter Ebdon, the snooker World Champion, who already cosplay Agent 47 at every event he entered. The guy just looks like 47, perfect for the role, except he probably can't act. And 47 needs acting knowledge after all he is a spy, who can infiltrate every place. He is the anti-Bond. No brute force, just absolute sneeking. Well I like him to play that way, although most of the time it doesn't work like that.

I wish it wouldn't be that big of a game, as I have only a 500 GB HDD, and I can't add more right now. Money is tight.

Anyway goodbye for this day, so lazy, that I actually wrote this one day sooner.

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