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Day 85 of #100DaysToOffload

Nobody said how much you could write, so here is Day 85 of #100DaysToOffload. If I would wrote every day I probably have finished it almost 2x times by now. But you know, I was lazy, then I was ill for a while, and my depression started to kick in. At one point I gave up, but people talked me out of it. Now I am pretty close to the end, so I probably finish it. I should because I want to write for Nanowrimo. I have some kind of draft, but it can surely change the past week until start. After that, I will start with whatever I have.

One month for writing.

And probably not much posting here.

Anyway I posted a poll on mastodon: Do you think Halloween is cultural apropriation?

No third option, just yes and no. Time to take down all of western celebration.

Next one is Christmas! Just wait… Well that will never happen, since Christmas is the biggest celebration for the companies!

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