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Another Post without a Title

Well that happened. I originally was so excited for Nanowrimo, and I started writing today. It wasn't great, it didn't go well, and mid day I looked at my computer clock and it says: Octber 31. WTF?

Officially you really shouldn't write story before November 1.

My depression thing also started to kick in nicely, and I spent my afternoon sleeping and looking out of my head.

I deleted my nanowrimo account, and decided to not really participate. I am terrible at doing and keeping deadlines.

I feel just like a floating blob right now. I also gained weight recently an I am 3 kg above the line, I am back to official obesse territory. I feel heavy, so it's not just a number.

I don't know if this ever gonna get better, but there is a high chance it won't.

This was day 90 for #100DaysToOffload.

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