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Alien Isolation Corner

On this page, I collect some of the interesting stuff I could find of Alien: Isolation. It is my all time favorite game currently, since in its quality is unparralelled, even 5 years after its release.

Updated: 2020/01/18 - damn typos. Also changed the book's link to Amazon.


The sounds of Alien: Isolation

Straight from the game, here is many GBs of sounds. The files are in ogg format, and most stuff are in its own folder, like the sounds of the alien, or the mission ambient sounds. Worth the download, I cannot wait for creating some nice ringtones from it!

Alien:Isolation book

The book has been release last year, and I am currently reading it. Maybe a book review late January.

Alien: Isolation Digital series "Fifteen years after her mother disappeared on the deep space towing ship Nostromo, Amanda Ripley travels to a remote space station that may hold clues to her mother's fate. But disaster strikes as she arrives at her destination. Watch all seven episodes of the Alien: Isolation digital series exclusively on IGN."

Alien: Isolation 1440p dual monitor wallpapers (plus another pack) Very nice wallpapers for dual monitors (source: reddit).


Couple of mods that can be useful, if you find the game too hard or easy.

Alien: Isolation Mod Tools

A modding toolkit for Alien: Isolation that covers a wide range of game content and configurations.

Alien ignores Amanda

Just as the titles says, the Alien won't attack you.

Unpredictable Alien Mod

One of the most popular mod. People complaining about cheating AI, and they use this to make the Alien more unpredictable. But it is already unpredictable. Unless the mod make her come out when it's an android section. Now that would be truely unpredictable.


Alien: Isolation subreddit

Friendly community of the game. Much better than Steam forum, where people still bitch about the "cheating" AI.

Alien: Isolation with MotherVR 0.8 beta impressions

A video with MotherVR. Looks pretty awesome and convincing. It's a no spoiler video, created in survival mode. Still, the person who played in this video clearly needed a new underwear, and some oxygen after that. :)


This is the program itself. If you have a VR, try it!

Best let's plays

These are the best I watched mostly or fully. Some of them are entertaining, but others are for learning too. Not in any order.

Alien: Isolation (PC) - No Damage Nightmare, No Human Kills, All Blueprints (one video)

An almost 5 hour playthrough of Alien: Isolation on the hardest difficulty, with no damage taken, no kills and all blueprints collected. It has commentary, but not every time. Worth watching, the commentary is useful if you want to play the game on hard/nightmare.

Alien: Isolation walkthrough 01 (Hard, All collectibles, No commentary ✔) PC (playlist)

From the comment section:

"This could require my attention. A walkthrough that'll get to the bottom of this. A player who's not becoming hysterical and who doesn't forget the little details while we're getting the big picture. And who doesn't run over the levels, because he knows that running causes accidents. This is clearly not a waste of valuable company time. And I've got all day you know."

Infesord's Nightmare playthrough with commentary (PC) (playlist)

This is my favorite playthrough of A:I, since he is very funny, not over the top, and actually gives insight to some of the situations that we can be in, if we play the game. If you don't know, Nightmare mode was added later to the game, and it has no maps, the motion detector is totally unreliable, the Alien is even smarter, and you have very, very, limited resources. It's a long playthrough since he it has everything, from collectables, and awesome death scenes! Worth to watch it, if you are already completed the game.

Let's Play Alien: Isolation - Eurogamer (PS4) (playlist)

Two funny Eurogamer person plays through Alien: Isolation. Don't worry, after first video they are properly turned off the light. It's not their first playthrough, so I advise you watch it, if you already played through Alien: Isolation.

Famous reviews

These are the reviews that are famous within the community, because they are missleading and downright damaging. You don't have to be professional to play this game, I saw streamers do it who are not really stealth game players and they still finished it.

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