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Limitless is one of those "cool" movies where the plot doesn't make much sense, but there are some cool shit happening, so it's exciting and very watchable even for the fifth time.

SPOILERS after the line

The movie is about a writer, named Eddie Murra, who struggles with his next book, and couldn't write a single word for months. One day he meets his old buddy who once was a drug dealer. Now he his works seems legit, or that's what Eddie though. His friend new drug is a transparent little pill, called NZT, which can help expand the human brain capacity.

After taking it the first time, his experience change so much that he complately change his attitude. Cleans his room, starts his novel, then he finish it in a couple of days. Then he starts trading with stocks and quickly rise up so much that he attracts interests from major companies.

Part of the coolness factor is of course Bradley Cooper himself. But of course, drugs are not cool. In the long term it will cause problems.

I don't know how

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