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Favorite Twitch streamers

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Twitch is one of the most awesomeist place on the internet! Believe it or not you can find very talented people out there. Over the past few years Twitch become my go to entertainment, if I wanted to relax, but also interact with other viewers. This is not the full list, but a recommendation.

Updated: 2019-12-23

Cohh Carnage One of the genuine classy guys. Cohh is the prime example that the person creates the community. He is a popular streamer, and he mostly doing franchise playthroughs, which means if a sequel is coming out he will play the games before that in the series. But he likes to play anything really.

Admiral Bahroo Bahroo is probably a gamer god. He plays most games on the hardest difficulty, and it also results in some funny moments. He is a really cool guy, and Borderlands legend. Plus he 100%-ed Spider-Man in 19 hours long stream!

lara6683 is an Australian musician on twitch. She is doing song request too.

Copykat_ I like listening to ASMR when I go to bed, and she is one who I can definitely recommend. But whatever you do, don't look into her beautiful eyes! :)

Bikeman I like him because he can do funny voices and roleplays in the most unexpected ways and circumstances. He is one awesome dude.

Maximilliandood The coolest dude ever! If you are into fighting games, or console games, you should follow him. Discovered him when MK IX came out and I am following him ever since. Cool guy, with great community.

EzekielIII Zeke mainly plays indie games, and smaller stuff, plus other things. He is like a big, friendly bear to me, who I would love to hug one day.

ItmeJP JP has a role-playing show, and he also plays video games occasionally. Plus he, Cohh and Zeke is doing the weekly show Dropped Frames, where they talk about games and Twitch developments.

wafflesbeware I discovered her through lara, just recently. She plays many instruments, but mainly piano.

Siri Yes, her name is really Siri. She is a Swedish streamer, it's fun to hang out there. She plays games, sings and plays guitars.

Ex-Heroes of the Storm players

Since there is no more Heroes pro league, I decided to stick with them, whatever they stream in the future. Here are some:

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