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My help for people who want to enjoy the effects and functions of the Compiz window manager. This wiki will use the Compiz Reloaded version, which is the fork of the original Compiz project and it's version 0.8.xx, while Compiz 0.9.xx is the one which used by Canonical for Ubuntu Unity.

Some of the instructions are for Ubuntu, but I hope to have a more distro independent guide.

First steps

Installing Compiz Reloaded from source on Ubuntu

Setup Compiz for everyday

To make Compiz Reloaded work, you first need to start CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM), and check these plugins:

  • Move Window
  • Resize Window
  • Place Window
  • Window Decoration
  • PNG
  • SVG
  • JPEG
  • Text

source: Void Linux wiki

And we also need to autostart our prefered window manager. If we

Install Emerald manager and themes

Detailed Compiz Reloaded customizations

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