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New Star Trek: different conversations are not allowed

Recently Mike Stoklasa from Red Letter Media did a Mr Plinkett review of the first season Star Trek: Picard. As always he viewed his favorite series of all time, with a very critical eye, the review is 94 minutes long.

"Star Trek Picard is the most disappointing thing since Star Trek Discovery. What? You wanted something clever? It's the truth."

As always with his long format videos he break it down to segments, but unlike many of the other Mr. Plinkett videos, this one is less funny, and just more sad in general. I think Picard broke Mike. Another proof is that Rich and Mike's re:view series is simply unfinished, they didn't review the last few episodes of Picard.

What I want to point out though is the r/startrek subreddit, which is the big, official one with 245k subs, is deleting his videos (both about Discovery and Picard), just minutes after posting. Just click on the link above and you will see the reds, deleted threads, many of them are linked or about the Plinkett Picard review.

This is censorship and many people have a theory that the mods are simple CBS people or paid by CBS to keep things in order.

The problem is that the bigger the red, and the conversation about this censorship, the more they will talk about that than the actual series, which is never good from a PR standpoint. If they left one thread up, and just moderate that, accepting that some people are just not happy with the new Trek stuff, it wouldn't raised the red flag arround the internet in less than 24 hours. This is the definition of a PR nightmare.

Mike did a pretty good video, and he even left out his trademark, dark and funny, adult humor sketches, and mostly criticised the series with very good examples. The last 10 minutes (number 6), is just sad. You can feel that this thing truely broke him.

I am not a Trekkie, at best I am just a casual who - from time to time - is interested in the series. Last time I checked out TNG, and I lasted couple of episodes when I just had to stop because of Wesley. Sorry, I just can't stand the guy (both character and actor). I found the rest of the series really good, and I read that the first season is just so-so. But I've always found the world of Star Trek interesting.