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Why is writing hard?

June 1st 2020

I had to take off a couple of days from the blog, and I want to get better to writing, and here is this cute comedy movie I want to write about, and I like it, despite I hate comedies, because most of them is just the same and American comedies are just not funny. Sorry, that's a fact, although humor is subjective. :)

I have a bit of a writer's block with that. Plus life stuff can also get in the way, which I think is normal too. Anyway I am working on it, definitely not giving up!

I could write about Slackware a little bit more, but I'd like to write about tech a lot less. Maybe I just need to read more to write more and watch less?

Frak I alread wrote I a lot, hm.

Day 22 of #100DaysToOffload, if you want to read some other people check out the site.