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Parasurv's Random Links #10

June 26th 2020

I think this is the 10th one. I haven't done this in a while. If you are new here, this is just a post with a bunch of links of articles, videos that I found interesting.

I also fixed my RSS feed, so it works again!


If you follow me on mastodon, you know that I am not really fond of the latest AAA game, The Last of Us 2. I haven't played it (didn't have money for a machine that only plays games), but I watched many hours of it.

I just saw a really, well thought out review from Upper Echelon Gamers. Looks like also didn't like the game either. They must be bigot, homophobe Nazis? /s

Skill Up played 5 hours of Cyberpunk 2077. The comes out in November, and an anime series on Netflix in 2022! Which means at least a couple of DLCs for the game to keep the story and the hype going! Early gameplay reviews says the game is good.

I haven't checked it out, but there is a new mod for Alien:Isolation, called Improved Alien.


While I shared this on Mastodon, I think it's good to put them here too, two guides for dwm (the tiling window manager I use) from Dave: Visual guide, and tips.

Luke Smith installed Artix Linux, and you can follow along. It's basically a systemd-less Arch Linux.

Distrotube continues to try to sell us Xmonad in his latest livestream.

This is the 5 best Ebook readers for Linux, according to Linuxhint. However my favorite is Zathura, which is a very minimal reader, with Vim-like navigation. Beware that for Zathura, you need additional packages to read certain formats, like epub, comicbooks, etc.

Movie trailers

Ava trailer, for the 81th strong female assassin, in a world, where every woke people cries for a female Bond. Personally I liked the movie, Anna from Luc Besson even though, I have seen the movie before. Ava is with Jessica Chastain, John Malkovich and Colin Farrelll. Also don't click it if you want to see a movie! Honestly creating trailers should be an Oscar category these days, because there are not many good trailers.

More interesting movie is Waiting for the Barbarians, with Johnny Depp and Robert Pattison.

This is day 36 for #100DaysToOffload, where we write about different things on our personal blogs. Join the project or just read the blogs (we have RSS and coookiez!).