My favorite games

First of all, this list is not complete. I try to keep it updated as much as possible. The games are not in any order, I don't think I can make such a list.

Here we go:

  • Fez

Some horror games

Alien: Isolation

It's a briliant survival horror game in the original Alien universe. It plays between the first two movie and makes it a complete trilogy although the story itself is not cannon, I like to believe it is. We play as Amanda Ripley - Ellen's daughter - who still hasn't given up on finding her mother. One day she got a message, they found the Nostromo's flight recorder on the Sevastopol space station. This station is incredible detailt and the devs used more than 3TB of data from the original movie to built it, and they also created one of the best AI in modern gaming.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Created by the devs of the Penumbra series, this is more of a classic survival horror in a castle thing, where we slowly discover what really happened to us, while try to remain calm as much as possible.


Not really a horror game, it's more of a story driven puzzle game. While there are different types of enemies, I think they are more of an annoyances than real part of the story and gameplay. The story is really good though.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake is different from the others. It's third person, and it has a special weapon: flashlight. Wake is a writer. He and his wife going on a vacation, when suddenly he has strange dreams and visions, from the characters he once wrote. All things are too real, and soon we have to run for our life. The music is so fitting that the publisher/devs rather pulled the game when the license expired than changing the music.

Clive Barker's Undying

One of the first horror-shooter when originally played I said: "nope, no, no" - and exited the game. That's how good this is.


Still have to play it fully, but it

First person/Action games:

Bioshock series

One of the most atmospheric games of all time, Bioshock takes to the below and above of our existence. All 3 games and DLCs are worthy of play, while the stories are tide together (except the 2nd game which one was created by a different team).

System Shock 2

Who wouldn't want to fight an AI on a space station? Based on the Dark engine (Thief & Thief 2), it's a classic action-RPG game. They don't make these kind of games anymore. OK, maybe the new Prey?

Thief trilogy

Despite it's age, Thief is still the best stealth game ever created. This is a game where we play a master-thief, but our skill determines the outcome. How we approach each mission. We are not fighters, but a thief who relies heavily on sneaking past guards and using shadows to his adventage. Also forget about the reboot, which was just a modern day gaming mess. Check out my Thief page for more information!

Metro 2033 & Metro: Last Light

Based on the Metro book series, it takes us into a different post-apocalyptic world then we used to. The surface is unhabitable and everybody in Moscow lives underground, using the metro stations as their home.

Shadow Warrior

This is the 2013 version of the reboot. The better one. Great sword play with stupid jokes and one of the best sidekick. I like the younger Lo Wang. Probably the rare FPS game where sword can be the better option than guns. Plus we have abilites that we can use via key combinations. Forget about the second game, which was butchered with a million guns and Borderlands type quest shit.

Puzzle games

The Talos Principle

It's a surprise game, since the game comes from the devs of the Serious Sam series, a totally different genre. The game is a puzzle-philosophical game, with good voice acting and music too. While I still haven't crackd all the puzzles I return to it from time to time, as I really enjoy this game. This game is much better than "The Witness" and actually has a flowless Linux support with Vulkan added lately.

Adventure games

Gemini Rue

Point&click adventure game in the future, with two storylines and characters to play. Old style graphics with reasonable puzzles to solve, and with a good story. Short story, but worth playing this game.

Broken Sword

First part of a series of Nicole and George's adventure classic. And I only used the guide for 2 or 3 times.

Star Wars

Dark Forces

One of the original and first, first person shooter game I've ever played. Playing as Kyle Katarn and stealing the plan for the Death Star in the demo was so satisfying, I played it like 100+ times, because all I had was the demo. It's a classic FPS with amazing level design, midi music with original SW soundtrack and sound. The series made Katarn a Jedi with the second game, which had FMV videos in it, with cheese, but still better than most of the big budget SW crap they do these days. Thanks George!

Rebel Assault II

Only the second game, because I never played the first until I bought it on GOG. The RA games are basically interactive movies where you play as unknown named character, called "the hero" (I made that up), and you play between movies. RA II has a good story where we have to destroy the Empire's hidden factory of stealth Tie fighters.

Star Wars Republic Commando

An FPS game where you are part of a clone army commando guys. Each of your teammate has different abilities and personalities. Fantastic level design, and atmosphere in the prequel universe. We really feel that we are part of a tight group, going behind enemy lines and doing things normal clones wouldn't do. Sadly LucasArts never continued the series, but it still has fans to this day.

Star Wars: Episode I Racer

I haven't played this since release, but I have fond memories of it. It recreated the best part of the prequel, the podracers. We can play anyone from the dozen racers and we have many tracks, and the original music. The sense of speed was just amazing. It's on GOG now, but I don't know if you can play it on Linux, plus the game probably aged badly.


Euro Truck Simulator 2

Even after many hours of gameplay, I have yet to crack this crack. Because it's addicting as hell. Driving across Europe in a Truck with heavy machinery, to deliver it on time. There is something to it. Plus you can have your own trucking company, and now almost every part of Europe is mapped. The mods also add many hours of gameplay.


A simple game where we have to jump on tiles and follow to the next one. You can play it casually or speedrun it. Can be very calming. Short game with great music to play.

Stardew Valley

An open game where you can do a lot of things. You can garden, grow vegetables and fruits. Go to the mines and hunt, go fishing or you can mix with the town people. Lovely artwork, music of one man.

This War of Mine