This is the page where I collect my favorite resources about veganism. I hope it will be helpful for beginners and older vegans as well.


Some of the blogs I have found. Most of them are recipe related.


Nutriciously A couple's blog about plant-based eating. They have an introduction page to veganism and eating, and also a free course, and some ebooks.


I have some notes for the channels, but generally just watch them and discover your favorite. Also, I try to collect the positive ones, so some channels are not here, you can still found them if you want some reaction videos though.


Note: I like cooking channels more and more, because they don't dive into vegan drama, that others are doing.

The Happy Pear The best cooking channel on Youtube, hands down. Good for beginners and experts alike. I cook something from them every week. Most of their stuff is easy to make and affordable too.

Pick Up Limes another friendly vegan cooking channel.

Caitlin Shoemaker

Cheap Lazy Vegan

Cooking with Plants

Healthy Crazy Cool

Mary's Test Kitchen

Mina Rome


Sarah's Vegan Kitchen

It does taste like chicken

Nutrition, fitness

Lilykoi Hawaii If you want to know the nutrition side of eating whole food plant-based, Lilykoi is the best channel. Gives you balanced view about the lifestyle and she is basically a vegan encyclopedia in my eyes.

Hench Herbivore

Mic the Vegan One of the best channel science wise. Good humor and beard too. xD Michael Gregger's site, where he talks about nutrition, hehe.

Simnett Nutrition

Skinny Vegan Fitness

Natural Weightloss Mastery

Quality Gains

Plant Based Athlete Rarely posts nowadays, but he provides some really good motivation for vegans.


Joey Carbstrong - one of the best vegan activist. Also has some good beginner friendly recipe for transitional vegans.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau - the best female activist. Her videos and podcast makes me calm every time.

Earthling Ed - or as more widely known, Edward Gaunt! xD

That Vegan Couple

Those Annoying Vegans


Plant Based News

Rich Roll Rich Roll has the best podcast. His guests are always interesting and inspirational. It's not always vegan or plant-based centric, but there are plenty of hours too choose from. I listen to him, while I walk in the morning.

Individual videos

Veganism in the digital age Pick Up Limes presentation about digital advocacy. Well worth the half hour.


RichRoll Just the audio form.

Plant Proof


Despite what they say, reddit can be a good resource for veganism, too.