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2020.07.24. New Glimpse NX will use permissive license, why? :culture:
2020.07.22. Nothing beats nature :thoughts:
2020.07.18. My favorite browser: Brave :linux:
2020.07.13. Weightloss: First week :health:
2020.07.06. Community weekend (Season 1) :culture:
2020.07.03. Tonight I am going to watch Blade Runner :culture:
2020.06.30. 30 minutes :health:
2020.06.29. Bye, bye Netflix, as they took down one of the best Community episode :culture:
2020.06.26. Parasurvs Random Links #10 :blogging:    
2020.06.25. Personal: June 25th 2020  
2020.06.23. Listening habits :tech:
2020.06.22. Browsing habits :tech:
2020.06.21. "I stand against hate…" :culture:
2020.06.21. Window manager independent swallowing and other things :games:    
2020.06.17. Game review scores has to go (see TLOU2) :games:    
2020.06.16. Play Dungeon Keeper with KeeperFX :games:
2020.06.15. The language police is coming :culture:
2020.06.13. No more design change in 2020 :blogging:    
2020.06.12. Noob note taking with Emacs  
2020.06.09. Enjoy old RTS classics with OpenRA! :games:    
2020.06.06. What is DWM? :linux:
2020.06.03. All Lives Matter :culture:
2020.06.02. Created a pixelfed account, about food :blogging:    
2020.06.01. Why is writing hard? :blogging:
2020.05.28. Slackware Linux Day 1 :linux:    
2020.05.27. I am going back to Slackware! :linux:    
2020.05.27. Bad days  
2020.05.26. Why I quit #100daystooffload? :blogging:
2020.05.25. I am still here :blogging:
2020.05.20. Mastodon with Emacs  
2020.05.19. Dear Diary :culture:
2020.05.17. Ambient noises on Linux with Anoise :linux:
2020.05.15. MangoHud, fps overlay :linux:
2020.05.10. My most used Linux software :linux:
2020.05.09. What I will write about, but not now… :blogging:
2020.05.08. World Password Day :tech:    
2020.05.07. Why I love the Batman The Animated Series? :culture:
2020.05.06. Jogging for a dream :health:
2020.05.05. How long I will use Elementary OS? :linux:
2020.05.04. Getting slowly sucked into XCOM :games:
2020.05.03. Sengi, Mastodon client review :linux:    
2020.05.02. Elementary OS updates, April 2020 :linux:
2020.05.01. I tried Mutant Year Zero :games:
2020.04.30. Steam recommended me these games :games:    
2020.04.29. Some vegan recipes I will try this week :culture:    
2020.04.28. Vertical mouse review and finger positions :tech:    
2020.04.27. The joy of writing, #100DaysToOffload :blogging:    
2020.04.13. Entertainment in isolation :culture:    
2020.04.08. Some thoughts about Thief Deadly Shadows :games:    
2020.04.06. Elementary OS March update :linux:    
2020.04.04. Thief 2's 20th anniversary :games:    
2020.04.01. How to install T2x Thief 2 on Linux :games:    
2020.01.17. I lied to you :culture:    
2020.01.02. Parasurv's Random Links #10 :blogging:    
2020.01.01. One thing about New Year's resolutions :culture:    
2019.12.31. Winamp nostalgia with Qmmp on Linux :linux:    
2019.12.26. Compiling Emacs on Christmas Day! :emacs:    
2019.12.23. My Christmas Meal 2019 :culture:    
2019.12.22. 2020: Lunduke is going OFF social media… and I am too :culture:    
2019.12.21. How do you Get Over It? :games:    
2019.12.20. You, on Netflix will stalk you, until you finish it :culture:    
2019.12.19. Use bittorrent with Torrential on Elementary OS :linux:    
2019.12.18. Blade Runner on GOG :games:    
2019.12.16. GOG Winter Sale recommendations :games:    
2019.12.14. Doom (2016), holly shit! :games:    
2019.12.13. When you run out of ideas… :blogging:    
2019.12.12. GOG Winter Sale 2019 with free Wasteland 2 :games:    
2019.12.11. Vegan tips: How to learn to cook? :culture:    
2019.12.10. Elementary Tweaks on Hera :linux:    
2019.12.09. Vegans and salads :culture:    
2019.12.08. Elementary OS keyboard options :linux:    
2019.12.07. Elementary OS themed Firefox :linux:    
2019.12.06. My little, 10 year old elephant :blogging:    
2019.12.05. 5 things I like in Elementary OS :linux:    
2019.12.04. PocketBook Touch Lux 4 ebook reader first impressions :tech:    
2019.12.03. The Irishman (not a movie review) :culture:    
2019.12.02. Content warning on social media :culture:    
2019.12.01. My thoughts on Elementary OS :linux:    
2019.11.30. A few words about The Mandalorian :culture:    
2019.11.26. How my Ubuntu MATE looks in 2019 :linux:    
2019.11.20. Buku, standalone bookmark manager :linux:    
2019.11.14. Nightmares :blogging:    
2019.11.02. How to use Compiz with Ubuntu MATE 19.10 :linux:    
2019.10.30. What's new in Ubuntu 19.10? :linux:    
2019.10.28. Why Devuan? :linux:    
2019.10.25. Website changes, using Emacs publishing :blogging:    
2019.09.26. Joker: histerical reactions only in America :culture:    
2019.09.16. Easy mode in video games :culture:    
2019.09.12. Clickfest games, 21st century madness :games:    
2019.09.04. Why I like Vivaldi browser :linux:    
2019.08.19. Ion Fury: first impressions :games:    
2019.07.25. Alien short films for 40th anniversary :culture:    
2019.07.03. Grittier Thief 2 with Necroage textures :games:    
2019.05.19. Why Alien:Isolation is the best game for me? :games:    
2019.04.15. Youtube, with Freetube :linux:    
2019.03.29. Castero, podcast in terminal :linux:    
2019.03.10. Linux music player: ncmpcpp :linux:    
2019.02.26. Fred, the gamer :culture:    
2019.02.19. How I got back to reading books :culture:    
2019.01.31. Favorite terminal software: ncdu :linux:    
2019.01.14. The League of Legends experiment :games:    
2019.01.08. Five vegan Youtuber to follow in 2019 :health:    
2018.12.18. Thief 2 after 6 missions :games:    
2018.12.04. Firefox Simple tab groups :linux:    
2018.11.24. What's wrong with Black Friday? :culture:    
2018.11.20. Playing Thief: The Dark Project again :games:    
2018.11.15. Some open-source games for Linux :games:    
2018.11.09. Why I like using Manjaro Linux? :linux:    
2018.11.08. Why I like i3 window manager? :linux:    
2018.11.08. Life updates 2018. November :blogging:    
2018.10.13. First weekend without social media :culture:    
2018.10.11. Opinion: Shadow Warrior 2 :games:    
2018.09.17. Life updates 09.17 :blogging:    
2018.09.01. Being a sports fan from far away :culture:    
2018.08.12. How I started my couch to 5k :health:    
2018.08.09. I started to play still life :games:    
2018.08.05. Ghostwriter, a free software editor for everyone      
2018.07.14. Why I don't use a smartphone? :culture:    
2018.06.22. Take a break from your computer with safe eyes :linux:    
2018.06.01. Play old GOG games via Wine on Linux :linux:    
2018.05.26. How to do vertical tabs in Firefox :linux:    
2018.05.05. How to play Dark Forces on Linux (GOG) :linux:    
2018.04.01. Why mechanical keyboard? :tech:    
2018.04.03. New mechanical keyboard: Magicforce 68 :tech:    
2018.04.05. Every year: Your Lie in April :culture:    
2018.04.28. Static website generators and Nikola :tech:    
2018.04.29. Why Mastodon is the only social network I use? :tech:    
2018.03.22. Old games: Flatout 2 :games: