Zathura, a simple pdf reader

Zathura is a simple PDF reader that I use ocassionaly. It's keyboard-driven, has VIM-like shortcuts, and can be setup with a simple config file. If you have an older machine or you\ are just fan of minimalist software, try it. Although if you are using Debian you need to compile zathura-pdf-mupdf manually, since for some reason they are not supporting it. You need this to read epub files.

Other plugins:

  • zathura-cb - Comicbook support
  • zathura-djvu - DjVu support
  • zathura-pdf-mupdf - EPUB, PDF and XPS support based on MuPDF
  • zathura-pdf-poppler - PDF support based on Poppler
  • zathura-ps - PostScript support

Here are some useful stuff for the config file (~/.config/zathura/zathurarc), if you want to make comments for lines use the # sign at the beginning of the line.

Font family and size for the UI:

set font "font family size"

Set the title to the filename:

set window-title-basename true

Invert colors of the document: (C-i, means Ctrl+i)

map <C-i> recolor

Copy selection to clipboard:

set selection-clipboard clipboard

Larger scoll steps with j/k:

set scroll-step 50