Youtube with Freetube

I generally don't like Electron-based software, but Freetube is one I use almost every day to watch youtube videos.

You don't have to have an account, and you can follow channels, favorite (bookmark) them, copy the links (youtube or invidiou), loop videos, use miniplayer to play a video in a separate videos, while you browse youtube.

Most popular and trending videos of Youtube are also watchable.

Here are some of the cool features of Freetube:

  • subscription to channel without a youtube account (also import&export support of youtube feeds)
  • subscriptions, history and favorite are stored locally
  • you are not tracked by Freetube or Youtube
  • open-source software (source)
  • tor/proxy support
  • and many more

The Freetube layout is similar to the Youtube site and the seach is also very good (with filter). What I like the sidebar where you can see all the channel I've subscribed to. And you can unsub with a click!

Since it's absolutely free, you can try it easily. I personally don't like youtube, mostly the community and comments, but since you need an account for commenting, Freetube is perfect for block out this, although you can read the top 20 comments for any video.

As I said, it's Electron-based, which I dislike since it's the easy way for developers to convert their website to a desktop software. It also takes so much memory away from other things.