What game I would buy this week (February 2019)

We are living in the golden age of Linux gaming and Windows gaming on Linux! Here are some games I would buy this week. GOG has a great sale and Steam has a Lunar New Year Sale too for all of you (and me) Pigs!

Here are some of my recommendations. My personal policy is, if you can get something from GOG, you buy on GOG! Long live DRMFree gaming! Because we don't need a client and we are certainly not lazy to manage our files. If you want to do that, Lutris 0.5 now supports GOG games too!

GOG sales

There are a couple of good titles from their weekly sales.

Superhot - Unique first person shooter, where times move only if you move. It creates a great strategic element, which is usually not present in FPS titles.

Shadowrun Hong Kong - This is the last chapter of the Shadowrun games, and from what I read it is the best too. Interestingly only this one is on sale, the previous 2 chapters are not.

Battletech - If you are fan of giant robots this might be the game for you. It's a turn-based strategy game.

System Shock 2 - While it doesn't have a Wine launcher on GOG (unlike on Steam), it's still of course playable very much with Wine. A real FPS-RPG classic from a classic era of great games, when hard difficulty meant HARD difficulty. Do not underestimate this one, because you can easily lost hours in it!

The Original Strife: Veteran Edition - Talking about classic and hard games, Strife is even older than SS2! A game from the Doom times, with RPG elements. I am sad that this one I originally missed between Duke Nukem 3D, Dark Force, Doom and Quake.


The sale ends some time on 11th February.

The Talos Principle - This game will be my favorite until the end of times! A puzzle game from the developers of Serious Sam, with deep philosophical questions and terminals! A much better game than The Witness with full Linux and Vulkan support !

X-Com 2 Collection - One of the best turn-based strategy game out there, this time with all of DLCs. Heavy discount, 78% off, only for 27 euros! Not a bad deal for what is probably a few hundred hours of potential gameplay. Only if I have a good machine for it though...

Dying Light - The Following: Enhanced Edition - Probably the best first person zombie games out right now (not including Resident Evil 7 of course). Even as of last year the game still recieved new game mode and patches, while the devs are working on the sequel. The game has not only good fight against zombies, but with parkour elements in a fun way. At night the zombies are much stronger too...

Metro Redux Bundle - The new game is not far away, and this bundle has the first two games! Recently I finished the first game, and I have to say it is a classic. Post apocalyptic Russian underground first person shooter, based on the popular novel of Dmitry Glukhovsky. Well worth the buy even if you are not a fan of the publishers move (Exodus will be an Epic Store exclusive on PC).

I know these games are on GOG too, but sadly without a Linux version.

Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition - Another classic turn-based strategy game with rogue-lite elements. One of the best Kickstarter game ever too. In this game you will lose your soul, time and energy. Prepare for the worst! This edition has all the DLCs ever for a very good price!

Note: I put this here despite they are on GOG too, because this version of the game is not there, but probably you can buy DLCs separately there too.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - One of my all time favorite game. It's weird that in real life I can't drive a car, but here I enjoy the long drives across Europe. Still couldn't crack why most people who try it, become an ETS addict. :) The link is for the base game, but there are map DLCs and cosmetic stuff too in some bundles. Beside the officially maps, there are many-many mods from the users. Well worth a price.

American Truck Simulator - From the same devs, now we can drive trucks across the American continent. Only tried the demo once and it's the same quality with some American flavor.

Hitman - The Hitman franchise has reborn with this game. The game is content heavy and has good replay value. It was originally episodic now you can only buy all of them, however the first episode is free, so it's like a demo.

Company of Heroes 2 - World War II real-time strategy game with single-player campaigns and active multiplayer community.

Portal 2 - Many people say it's Valve's best game.

The Bioshock Collection - Probably one of the best FPS series of all time! The atmosphere and the little details makes the game very replayable in my opinion. Lately they remastered the first two games, which become a buggy mess, but I didn't have much problem playing with Proton.

Alien: Isolation Collection - The best survival horror of all time. Amanda Ripley still searching for her mother, when she got a message that people found the Nostromo's flight recorder, and it's now on the soon decommissioned space station, Sevastopol. Soon after arrival we realize that the dying space station is the least of our problems...

Fantastic atmosphere, long gameplay and one of the most terryfing creature and Artificial Intelligence in gaming history. In the DLCs the original cast of the movie Alien reprise their role, including Sigourney Weaver!

Spec Ops: The Line - Did you ever wonder why we play shooter games, even though they are as bad as the Call of Duty series? What makes us going and leaving hundreds of dead bodies behind?

Skullgirls - Probably the best fighting game for Linux right now. It has a very good tutorial system where we can learn about the mechanics of the game. The graphics style might not be everybody's flavor, but still worth a try.