My top 5 favorite vegan Youtube channels

These are my current recommendations of vegan youtubers. No drama, just ethics and good food!

1. Pick Up Limes

This is one of my recent findings, and I am glad that I have found it! Colorful foods, quality shots and a calm voice! She has 1,5 million subscribers which makes Sadia's channel probably the most popular vegan channel on youtube.

Pickup Up Limes on Youtube / RSS

2. Plant Based Athletes

He is not a regular youtuber, but when he does a video it will punch! He is my reminder that what I eat is right.

Plant Based Athletes on Youtube / RSS

3. Lilykoi Hawaii

I think she was the first vegan Youtuber I have ever subscribed to. She is very passionate and knowledgeable person. Every time I watch her she looks like a real human being, not a person who just acts for the camera, like many people on Youtube.

Lilykoi Hawaii on Youtube / RSS

4. Earthling Ed

Ed is one of the most kind activist you will ever hear speak. Whether he talks in front of a larger audience or doing street activism, he is the calm voice of reason. He is an excellent speaker, and if you are interested in veganism, watch his videos. Last year he did a "30 days, 30 excuses" video series where he spoke about the most common excuses, why people don't want to go vegan, and how can you argue for veganism.

Earthling Ed on Youtube / RSS

5. The Happy Pear

Brothers, who mastered the art of vegan cooking. Seriously, the greatest vegan food channel on the internet. I cooked many recipes from their channel. The presentation is excellent and simple. They have many different kind of recipes, like the 5 minute ones, or the very cheap delicious one, or the oil-free ones.

Their website also has the written recipes for easier access.

Happy Pear on Youtube / RSS