Spreading the positive vegan message on social media

I took a break from social media about a month ago, but now I am back on a new account.

This time I have a specific goal in my mind. I want to spread a positive, vegan message to everyone. I will share links, stories, recipes which can help people who are interested in veganism, or plant-based eating. As I wrote there: "No drama, just good food and good news!"

This is a strickly topical account, I won't write about anything else.

Fortunately we have a Mastodon instance for this, called donteatanimals.org. The only drawback is, that I have to get used to the 500 character limit again. On pleroma.site it's 9000, and sometimes I really wrote a lot.

At the moment I only follow back people who are also write about veganism, or mostly veganism. I will also boost stuff, if it fits the topic.

So if you are interested, follow me at @parasurv@donteatanimals.org!