Parasurv's Weekly - Vegan Edition (31st August 2018)

I thought it would be fun to do a vegan specific edition of my (sometimes) weekly linkblog. You'll see many militant vegans protesting, and some awesome recipes and other videos. :)

The Official Animals Right March

Lots of people around the world went onto the streets protesting for the animals. "Interestingly" there were no mainstream media coverage about any of it. Beside London there were 20 other cities around the world which joined.

Some vegan recipes...

Some Cheap Vegan Meal Ideas for Students! from Mina Rome. Not just for students of course, but the main idea is to eat vegan food on the budget. :)

Sam from It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken, tries out of the now famous Roasted watermelon. - "It's actually good, but in a weird way.

Honestly she is one of my favorite vegan youtuber. She's funny, really enjoys cooking and it shows.

While it's not from the past week, but Joey's Bolognese recipe inspired me! Instead of the soy, I meshed some canned chickpeas and beans together. It was so tasty. I love pasta and it goes so well with it.

and other Vegan videos.

Mic the Vegan did a video about Being Vegan Around Family and Friends, a very important topic, and can be a strugle for all of us.

I am not usually fan of these reaction videos of vegans to non-or ex-vegans, but I give Joey a pass this time. I hope he doesn't get into a habit, because these people not worth his time honestly. I feel some "ex-vegan" were pretty much went into unprepared and after some time they start to complain about things. It's not like you don't have resources to educate yourself with thousands and thousands of videos and articles, recipes.