Parasurv's Weekly (7th September 2018)

This week I went back to my usual multi-topics linkblog. If you like generally what I share with you, please follow the Parasurv's Weekly RSS. Thank you and have a great weekend!

Tech (mostly Linux)

A great compilation of tools for taking screenshots on Linux. More impressive that they mention my favorite, scrot, which I use. It's a command line tool, and perfect for that one job. I leave the modification for Gimp.

Matt Hartley reviewed the latest Linux Mint. I still don't know how he gets away with the Marvel-like intro. :)

Sometimes you just want to show Windows friends, how Linux looks or works. Here is a beginner's guide to create a bootable Ubuntu USB from Windows. Pretty cool!

Canonical will redesign their Software Center, and here are some mockups.

Tor 8 is out, based on Firefox 60 ESR. Tor Browser is a modified Firefox ESR version that includes extensions like TorButton, NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere, together with Tor, to provide a web browser that addresses many privacy concerns.

J.A. Watson of ZDNet wrote an MX-Linux review, and did both an UEFI and MBR install on laptops.

And probably the week's biggest release is Gnome 3.30 (official release notes), as the popular desktop environment keeps evolving with new stuff and tweaks. OMGUbuntu also wrote an article about the best new things of Gnome. Next release will on March 13, 2019!


Forbes wrote an article about Linux gaming: 2 Ridiculous myths and 2 brutal truths. GOG is no longer Good Old Games though. However I like that a big, mainstream media website write about Linux and Linux gaming. We are maybe no longer a niche group? I hope.

GOG is also having a Back to school sale and you should check out GOG connect too. I got Shadowrun Returns from it! It's a great system if you want to move away from Steam slowly and want to own more DRM-free games.

Not strictly gaming related, but here is Maximillian Dood's video about how he had to deleted videos of his old series, because the previously bought music he used for his videos are now in new hands. Copyright laws needs to change very soon, if not viewers and creators will rise and find a new place. Honestly I'd not mind if Youtube would be gone, because of that.