Parasurv's Weekly beta (7th July 2018)

Inspired by Scott Nesbitt's "The Monday Kickoff", I will collect some links that I find interesting in a weekly newsletter type thing, except you don't get it in the mail and you don't have to subscribe to it.

Warning: I am a lazy person, I rarely published anything on time, so if I am late, just check back later.

My main topics will be tech (mostly Linux/Free software related), veganism (and health), and culture (movies and other things). I occasionally will collect some other shit, under Worth reading.

If you are only interested in this little link collection, I recommend to follow follow it via RSS (subscribe here). If you have any idea about this little project, just message me on Mastodon. Thank you!

.: Tech

Dead Cells a beautiful pixelart rogue-lite platformer came out both for Mac and Linux. It comes with a price increase, as the game is successful and still in Early Access. This game however worth it, since it got plenty of tweaks and content updates. Available on Steam and GOG too.

OMGUbuntu's How to upgrade to Linux Mint 19. Enjoy the latest release!

Latest elementary OS beta (Juno) is available! Let's see the so many changes!

And finally my favorite distro, Manjaro - has a new release with updated install media. Manjaro 17.1.11

.: Veganism

I've discovered 2 quality vegan YouTube channels. First is Sam, who comes from a family of chefs, butchers and hunters. Went vegan overnight and she publishes great vegan recipes every week. She is funny and has great style. Her channel is: It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken.

The second channel is GojiMan, who is studying nutrition. Doing videos daily and you can ask him about health related issues in the comment. He and his wife are both vegan. Please subscribe to him, we need more people like him in the vegan field.

Talking about recipies, Joey Carbstrong created a video with some delicious (although not that healthy - as he explained it too) vegan food. Hope we get more of these from Joey!

.: Culture

While it was earlier than last week, I still enjoyed Red Letter Media's latest review about Jurassic Park 5 aka Jurassic Park: The Lost World reboot aka Jurassic World 2 aka Jurassic World 2: The Fallen Kingdom aka Jurassic Park: The Fallen Franchise. I am glad they didn't wasted their 150th episode of this pile of crap.

That's all folks! (for now)

I had a busy week, and didn't have much time to collect interesting stuff, but I really wanted to start this. I hope I can be a little more colorful next week.