Parasurv's Weekly (5th October 2018)

I know, I know, last week I missed it again. So here I am today, with some of my favorite interesting things. I fixed some elfeed problems during the weekend, so I can go back to reading and give every of my 10 readers some happy and sad stories. Let's go!


Tech: Games

More than 1000 arcade games are now part of the Internet Archive!

"The Internet Archive has just added more than 1000 new arcade games to the Internet Arcade. Revealed in 2014 for the first time as a way to preserve classic computer and arcade games, and provide users with options to play these games using emulation, it is now one of the largest arcade sites on the Internet."

You can search the archive here!

GOG is 10 years old now! Time flies in the tech world! They have a sale too, and you could choose from 3 games that you could get it for free, if enough people voted for it. My personal choice was Superhot, but more people has voted for Shadow Warrior 2. It's not on Linux, but don't worry, I already successfully experimented in my potato lab to make it playable! :)

Tech: Linux

Firefox color is a extension from Firefox, to color your browser. I think this should be in the browser and not a website, really. Vivaldi is doing great customization in the browser, but they say that the UI is proprietary maybe? I still prefer FLOSS choices especially for web browser.

If you are fan of python programs and you are using Ubuntu, this guide will be useful to you: How to Install Pip on Ubuntu.

I become the fan of Emacs in the past year, and this is another good article why it's the one of the best free software in computing: iA Writer m ode for Emacs. This how to will help you transform Emacs to a distraction-free writing powerhouse, with simple tweaks. I am using it right now, and it's amazing. It uses markdown mode, perfect for blogging, or even writing a book.

I don't know how many of us listen to audiobooks on a desktop/laptop system, but here is Cozy a little Audiobook player for Linux.

Tech: Manjaro Linux

Not from this week, but It's FOSS has a good article about Manjaro, called 7 Reasons Why I Use Manjaro Linux And You Should Too. I personally use Manjaro for the last couple of years and it's so perfect, that I stopped distrohopping after like 9-10 years (since I've started using Linux).

Talking about it, Manjaro 18 will soon be here, but I don't really know about anything, that's why I link it to you this article. I just use i3 now for stability and sanity. I don't need ever changing Gnome, or flashy KDE stuff. Not just I don't have a machine for it, but simplicity is a real value when it comes to the home computer.

The Manjaro crazyness doesn't stop here, here is a detailed guide about How to install Manjaro Linux.


The big debate

There was a debate between Dr. Joel Khan and Chris Kresser. Well, it wasn't that interesting. It was too long - almost 4 hours -, I watched about 15 minutes so far. I read a lot of reactions, and it looks like people expected that Dr. Khan would be more agressive presenting veganism. However I feel like, that since one of the stereotype about vegans that they are agressive and militant, maybe we should be avoid that in a debate. Here is the full video of the debate

Another exucitarian video?

This week, however the big event was a big Youtube channel's - "Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell" - video, because for the first few minutes it looked like the cartoon version of Earthlings. Instead of giving them views, I can recommend Joey Carbstrong and That Vegan Couple reaction videos.

The last few minutes were just horrible in my opinion.

Some recipes

As you guys know, I love sharing recipes here, so let's go!

I love the Happy Pear guys, and their new recipe the 1 euro vegan casserole, oil free. Haven't tried it yet, though. Part of their charm is the presentation and informartion during the video.

Rose of Cheap, Lazy, Vegan has a new, 3 ingridients, high protein recipe video.

Sam veganized Tasty's buttermilk pancakes.

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