Parasurv's Weekly (3rd August 2018)

Here is another bunch of some - hopefully - interesting links and articles. As always if you are interested only following my linkblog, just use RSS. Thank you and have a good weekend!Here are some interesting reading for the past week.


Mozilla is doing what big companies are doing. If you can't make a better product, either rename them or simple change the logo, so people have something to talk about. So, it's new logo time!

In another move Mozilla will remove Live Bookmarks and RSS support from Firefox, because... they want to be more like Google! (that's just my take) luckily we already have an extension for this!

How to upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04? Some simple steps from ZDNet's writer, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols.

While I like the It's FOSS website, I don't like that their latest post promotest closed source software in 50 Best Ubuntu Apps You Should Be Using Right Now, like Google Chrome, Spotify, Dropbox, etc. What happened to the free software guys?

Also: "Don’t worry about Microsoft, VS Code is an awesome editor for web development." WTF?!

A useful utility if you are hunting for subtitles from You can use it from certain GUI file managers or from cli. Haven't tried it yet.

Mozilla Firefox plans to remove RSS feed reader and live bookmarks - Chris Were's opinion on one of the latest development for Firefox. (video)


There were some heated debate recently around Vegetable Police's turn to carnivore diet, and let's just say it got quickly out of hand in my opinion. I don't think we should give people place and time for there u-turn. Instead we should try to promote the newest vegan documentary, Dominion. Like That Annoying Vegans do. We put our energy talking about the wrong things. Sadly even PlantbasedAthlete got into it, although he at least focused the good side of things and not mudthrowing.

The Dominion movie is available for renting or buying.