Parasurv's Weekly (21th September 2018)

Here are the latest links in my favorite topics. New game releases, Linux reviews and cooking tips for every person on the planet! If you like these irregular weekly linkblog of mine, you can follow just this on RSS.

Thanks, and have a great weekend everyone!


There is a no major version of Variety wallpaper changer. A wallpaper setter that you can use with any desktop environment! This is one of the best software for the job. I highly recommend it to check it out.

Distance an arcade racer and platform game is finally out of early access. Pretty cool game!

Chris Were started his new podcast, titled The Technical Werehouse, where he talks about the technical difficulties of being a werewolf. Ofc, I am just kidding! :)

An Everyday Linux user reviewed Linux Mint 19.


If you like vegan meats and you are living in the UK, it's good news, that the business is going well for companies as it grew 17% compare to last year.

Having trouble losing weight? Happy Pear's awesome video about banch cooking and not using any oil might help you! High Carb Hannah also did a video about it using no oil in cooking, just yesterday!

Earthling Ed announced not long ago, that he will launch an American style diner in London. Pretty cool if you ask me, a not heavy vegan junk food place!

This is probably the best vegan rap song, hehe!

Also Joey Carbstrong's continue his cooking series, because it is so much better activism, than just reacting to stupid "ex-vegan" people!


Some movie trailers:

  • Mary Poppins Returns - looking good, doesn't really care about what others are saying.
  • Captain Marvel - don't know anything about the character, but Nick Fury and Phil Coulson is in it, so it will be good. :)