Parasurv's Weekly - 20th July 2018

Here is another bunch of some - hopefully - interesting links and articles. As always if you are interested only following my linkblog, just use RSS. Thank you and have a good weekend!


Forbes: Is Social Media becoming too toxic? - not more than usual. It's just more in front, because you are always on. Back in the 90s I had one or two days with internet access.

Instagram new feature makes sure we can bomb each other with more shit...


When you do a top list of best movie soundtracks make sure you include Ennio Morricone, otherwise what's the point of that list (or just name it John Williams' best score or something.

Disney is bringing back the animated Clone Wars series! The last episode was in 2013, wow. Starting on Disney's streaming service making it a paywall thingy only accessable for the US (?).


PCMag Australia made a nice list about the best Linux VPN options.

How to play Rocket League with the Xbox 360 wireless controller? Ghacks the answer. Personally I played the game for 20+ hours, but stopped after the first week, as the community can be toxic. I like the hockey mode though, it's fun!

Firefox Test pilot has a new experiment called Side View. You can view two webpages side-by-side! What a revolution! We can easily do that in any OS now, but we still don't have vertical tabbar, which would be a real space saver (only Vivaldi has it as an option).

While it is a technical topic, it is also culture and general freedom too: Why Use OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps?. Very relevant topic, how Google tries to limit their own service.

Nice post about the customization of the (Ubuntu) MATE desktop, detailed with screenshots and explanations too. MATE has very options and right now I can recommend to beginner Linux users (also Ubuntu MATE as a distro is just awesome).

System 76 now officially in hardware business and they are making their own Linux laptop!

Slackware is the oldest active Linux distro is 25 years old. The distro that made me learn so much about Linux. I used it for a year, about 9 years ago.


One of my favorite gaming channel (A.I. and Games) are replaying Aliens: Colonial Marines after the latest findings of a modder, which lead to better A.I. in the game. I'd still recommend Alien:Isolation as it is a much better Alien game. If you want an Alien shooter I think the first 2 Aliens vs. Predator is the best (although graphics might not hold up).

No Man's Sky multiplayer update? Hahahaha....


Joey Carbstrong continue with his good video series about really tastey food, but I just hope he got some money from McDonalds for this. :)