Parasurv's Weekly (13th July 2018)

Inspired by Scott Nesbitt's "The Monday Kickoff", I will collect some links that I find interesting in a weekly newsletter type thing, except you don't get it in the mail and you don't have to subscribe to it.

Warning: I am a lazy person, I rarely published anything on time, so if I am late, just check back later.

My main topics will be tech (mostly Linux/Free software related), veganism (and health), and culture (movies and other things). I occasionally will collect some other shit, under Worth reading.

Note: If you are only interested in this little link collection, I recommend to follow follow it via RSS (subscribe here). If you have any idea about this little project, just message me on Mastodon. Thank you!

Youtube armchair critics?

I know that everybody is an armchair critic nowadays, but there are some that can be really good. If you are interested in gaming, how mechanics work in different genre, I can recommend three really good ones.

First is AI and Games and it's mainly about artificial intelligence in games. The guy is famous for making a short and terrifying video about the AI in Alien:Isolation. If you still think the AI cheats in that game, go watch it. Well researched videos, clearly deserve more viewers, so if you are interested in the subject please subscribe.

Second one is a personal favorite of mine: Joseph Anderson. He talks about story and gameplay mechanics. Become famous for doing a video about No Man's Sky. Detailed, without cursing or becoming angry, and most importantly he wasn't affected by the hype the fans and media generated over the years for this truely sad game.

MauLer is my latest discovery through his critical view on the new Star Wars trilogy. He can be angry, but his best video on movies is still the Infinity War one. He clearly loves movies and gaming. Interestingly he dislikes Joseph Anderson for some reason... I discovered him through his Jurassic World 2 video.

Tech (Linux, games, etc.)

It's Foss has a good list of free to play Linux games, from bigger titles to open source ones.

Interesting article about how to get out of the Google prison: How I Fully Quit Google (And You Can, Too) by Nithin Coca. Several good alternatives of Google stuff.

Newest nVidia beta Vulkan driver for Linux, is here! As always with beta stuff, be careful. Also if you use Wine with DXVK you probablyn need this driver.

Another week and another Turok game is out for Linux (well, beta) thanks to Ryan C. Gordon.

Mastodon: worth following

I am a fan of Mastodon, a federated social network, which is a Twitter-Email hybrid. It has a timeline, but instead of one big pot, there are many servers, with different interests.

Here are some people worth following.

WritingPrompts Gives you excellent story ideas in 500 characters. Twisted, funny, sometimes sad. If you need ideas for writing (especially I think for short stories), definitely worth following.

MicroSFF Short sci-fi stories.

Chris Were He is one of my favorite Linux YouTuber. Makes thoughtful videos about current trends of social media and Linux tech.