Parasurv's Weekly (10th August 2018)

This is my small link collection for the past week. I mostly like to share tech, health and culture related stuff. If you only want to follow me for the links, you can do it via RSS.

Thanks, and have a great weekend everyone!


Mozilla's email client, Thunderbird reached version 60!

There is a Cybersecurity 2.0 book bundle on the Humble Bundle page.

Sam Hewitt's interesting article about the state of Linux themes, in his Moving Beyond Themes post.

One of my favorite gaming channel, A.I. and Games has a suberb video about the 2016 Doom reboot.

A nice and detailed beginner's guide to how to install Elementary Loki on desktops or laptops.

Well put together list about the 5 of the best Linux games in 2018.

The new LibreOffice 6.1 release went through some major changes, including new icons, native GTK3 dialogs, faster image handling, improved EPUB export and some more.


Darien Olien summarized very well what is 'The Foundation of Health' on the Rich Roll podcast. It sounds simple, yet most people in the world doesn't follow it.

Joey Carbstrong continues his Epic Vegan Meals series with bacon!


Everyone's favorite hack frauds released a commentary track for the original Robocop! Pay for at least $1 or listen to it free while you watch the movie. Honestly I was a kid the last time I saw the movie, so I may rewatch it just to learn some Star Trek stuff, hehe.