Parasurv's Random Links #6

Weekend is coming and I thought it's time for another random links. This time I focused on some Linux-y, and game stuff. Enjoy!

Linux and open-source

Found this interesting command line software, called terminalizer, which we can record short clips of what we do in the terminal and share it, in GIF format. I think I know what I will play in the weekend, hehe.

Mozilla, the creators of the Firefox webbrowser, has published its anti-tracking policy.

Pine64 will release a not so expensive tablet and laptop options this year. Although sadly the keyboards still features a Super key with a Windows logo on it. I don't think it would have cost 1 euro to change it.


Latest big release is here for Wine 4.0.

My favorite sim player, Jimmy Broadbent recently shared his first impression of Dirt Rally 2.0. As I am fan of rally games since the mid-90s I hope this will turn out to be a good game. The previous one while was good in most aspects there were many bad points too, including Codemasters absolutely not caring about the game after the initial release. No tracks, cars, or any kind of DLC. The Linux release from Feral was well optimized, but you couldn't load the car setup from Steam workshop (which meant that you had to find other setups with picture of the screen and copy it manually, then save it yourself). What's interesting that VR support is not planed at this time, which will be a no buy for many fans. We also hope that someday we will get a Linux version of Dirt Rally 2.0. Jimmy also got to drive a rally car as part of the event.

A short, but detailed video from AI and Games, about the artificial intelligence of the game, Horizon Zero Dawn. This is the first part of a 2-video series, and as always very interestng and informative.

Maximilian Dood, who is one of my favorite Twitch streamers, start to put up his Resident Evil 2 playthrough on Youtube.

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