Parasurv's Random Links #5

Here is 2019's first random links, because why not? I have like 500+ unread articles in my RSS reader, so I hope plenty of things to choose from.

Linux and FLOSS

Jonathan Blow, everybody's favorite game developer (honestly I think he is overrated and he has bigger ego than Steve Jobs). He tells us what would take him to develop for Linux. Also please don't buy Planetary Annihilation (I regret it very much and I haven't touched it in years), because the main dev is just nuts ("would totally skip Linux"). Oh and btw, The Witness is the most overrated crap you can play. I am happy that we don't get his games on Linux. Instead go play The Talos Principle, because that game is awesome!

2019 tech predictions: From open source battles to the cloud war.

I used to watch FLOSS Weekly, but I am not really fan of the whole Twit gang anymore. I don't even know who is there, who is not there. This episode is about Nextcloud update though, might worth to check it out.

A nice test and installation guide for the latest, Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa.

It's sad that in their latest article the Linux Insider praises Steam for their contribution to Linux, while we forget that Steam is a typical 21st century corporation, which means they are in it only for the money. If they could see profit in it, they would not invest in our little operating system. Just like Microsoft or Google does. The article is not just about gaming, but their summary about Linux for the past year.

Arch Linux has a new ISO, and with the new Linux kernel 4.20.

If you are using Deepin, you might be interested in How to install League of Legends via PlayOnLinux, personally Lutris works just fine with the game.

Ubuntu 18.10 review from Everyday Linux User

What are the best Linux distros for 2019? The one that works, I say! However here is a list from LinOxide.

Extra spicy

I usually don't share these kind of stuff, but this is a very good and short video about the current western political climate. It might be as hot as the real climate, and I wouldn't bet who will kill humans first.

Jonathan Pie: We've Reached Peak Nazi