Parasurv's Random Links #4

Hey, the site has a new design and colors, and for that occasion I wanted to share some news, games, etc.

Tech, games, Linux

Looks like Dirt 4 is coming to Linux. Sadly the game is bad, so I'd spend any money on it. Maybe I pick it up like Dirt 3 (when it was freeeee).

"Brave web browser is a free and open-source software based on Chromium. It features faster page loading speed, and blocks ads and trackers by default." Here is a tutorial for installing Brave on Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Firefox 64 is out.

Everyone favorite open-source cloud software, Nextcloud has a new version, and it comes with a social which can help everyone have their own instance and connection to the fediverse. I have recently looked around and I find it amazing how complete this cloud suit is. We have bookmarks, notes, mindmaps, tasks, and others. I really can recommend it. You can try the demo or register for a free account. But of course if have your own server, you can download and install.

I didn't know that Manjaro has new website, mainly to advertise #bladebook, a laptop which comes with Manjaro pre-installed, but of course we have the usual stuff for download and a nice shop to support one of the best distro in the world.


Easy vegan cinnamon buns with Sam from It doesn't taste like chicken.

I really won't commentate on the recent dramas, I will continue to use my energy to sharing good news and recipes.

Like vegans eating Burger King mukbang video from That Vegan Couple. Heheh xD Best comment on the video: You can veganize any food these days. Absolutely no reason to eat animal foods for taste reasons.