Parasurv's Random Links #3

It was time for me another round of links. Some good stuff for gaming and hillarious things for Linux. But who gives a hug anyway. Might be FreeBSD people, just give them a contract before it, otherwise you might get in BSD-jail, hehe.


Microsoft might switch to Chromium as their base for Edge (or whatever next browser will be). But does it mean that we have a Linux version of it? (OMG Ubuntu)

Phoronix has a Zotac RTX 2080 on Linux test. Check out if you have the money for this Christmas.

Spatry's latest distro hunt video is about Linux Kodachi?

How to install Unity in Ubuntu 18.10? - If you miss Unity this is a guide for you.

There are some big changes in the Linux kernel lately, and here is the latest one.

Drumroll please! 3..2..1...

We now have "hugs" instead of "fuck" in the source code! It doesn't really matter since I am sure most people don't give a hug about that.

Linux Uprising has a nice article about RTV, a terminal program that you can use for reddit.

Games & Steam stuff

Epic Games has their own store now - Windows only, and I don't think we get a Linux version soon. Unreal 4 engine games usually need very good hardware, and I think the Vulkan support is still work in progress, atm.

According to GamingOnLinux, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be free to play, and Valve is introducing a Battle Royale mode, which will be the first on the penguin platform. Just more reason to suck Valve's dick in the future.

I am normally not a fan of Steam, but there are some good bundles and giveaways this weekend. You can grab Company of Heroes 2 for totally free. It's just the base game, but you can get many DLCs on a discount. Note, that CoH 2 has no DRMFree version, so digitally this is the only one that exist. The game is still popular, so if you want some non-futuristic real-time strategy, that's probably your game.

Stellaris is also went big, 60% off this weekend.

Big Bad Boss bundle has some quality games, even though there is only 2 for Linux (Dead Cells and Jotun), still pretty fun action games.


One of my favorite blog, Typeset in the Future, has a nice analysis of the font types in the movie, Wall-E. I simple love this blog, as it offers an in-depth look of the world fonts in sci-fi movies.

Mechanical Keyboards

This is what happens when you have too much money, and you buy one overpriced mech after another. Corsair, then Logitech? Really? I hope Linux people don't go after these 2 brands, because they could buy like 3 better mechanical keyboards for the price of one!