Parasurv's Random Links #2

Here are some random reading material if you are bored or something. Mostly tech and Thief trilogy stuff. As usual you can follow this random linkblog thingy via RSS.

Thief trilogy and reboot

I had some fun with Thief Gold in the past few days, and I will play it for the foreseeable future. Here some stuff I have discovered. I will continue to post some of these until I get tired of the game.

The Eye of Stone playthroughs - some of the best videos and commentary. High level gameplay, mindblowing moments and strategies. Seriously recommended. He also uploaded the cutscenes and soundtrack stuff.

Some analysis and commentary about the Thief trilogy and the reboot

Razörfist's Thief Series retrospective - it's both funny and true. Give a like to the guy or follow him. And I don't even like metal things (unless it's Thief II of course). He also did one for the Thief reboot.

Strat-edgy's video about The Sound of a Thief and a more than one hour long Thief 4 - An analysis or autopsy. SE also did a Thief reboot playthrough, which haven't watched yet


South Korea shuts down its largest dog meat slaughterhouse - Amazing news!


Forbes looks like love Linux, or just that one guy who wrote about his experience. Anyway he is back with a Pinebook review. Pinebook is a $100 laptop, with ARM processor and it runs KDE Neon? It's too good to be true. I'd run some minimalistic shit on it, but that's me. Heheh

Jack Wallen collected some holiday gift ideas for open source fans - I am not sure about some of them, but sure if you have money you can try the ErgoDox EZ. Still one of my favorite point is donations for open source projects indeed if you are using something frequently consider giving some, 10-15 dollars/euros can go a long way. The founder of Solus himself had to step back since he has a family now.

Sometimes it's hard to track family spending or just for the individual. Either way here are some open-source options that you can use to see where you spend your money.

Again, this is not the first time that a so called open-source website advocating or just writing about using proprietary shit, like Google Chrome (one of the worst, since it's from Google, second it's a web browser), like 5 best Chrome extensions for reading news in 2019. I don't even link it, pls don't give Fossbytes the view. Second pls forget the news. No wonder that people are depressed. Using RSS or any news agregator just make people more anxious, and kind of addictive. I myself usually only check it once a day, or once in 2 days.

Also why does Mozilla advocate the use of Google Translate?! WTF is happening people?!