Parasurv's Random Links #1: the restart?

If you are following my little blog, you probably have seen that the last month I wasn't really active and didn't share any links.

I decided to restart, but I also realized that I am sometimes just lazy with my reading-sharing habits, so from now on I'll randomly share links, instead of the absolute irregular weekly "release".

If you don't want to miss any of it, I recommend following the RSS or follow me in the fediverse, where I share most of the stuff anyway. I won't change the RSS, so you don't have to subscribe again. That would be silly.

Anyway let's the randomness begin!


It's FOSS wrote a detailed article about what happened with Solus founder Ikey Doherty, and how will the distro continue without him.

I shared some links about the Dracula theme for Linux. It's a semi-dark theme is it's not even black at all, more like a dark purple/pink. There are also Dracula inspired Qutebrowser theme, or a GTK theme. I also use the Breeze Dark Pink icons and the Breeze Snow mouse cursor.

Fedora 29 got released, and there is a good article about the new things, here.

Don't Call Me Lenny lists his best 10 distros to switch from Windows to Linux.

Nice, long tutorial about How to partition and format a drive on Linux.

Bryan Lunduke talked about Is closed-source evil?


Lily Koi did an excellent video about insulin resistance.

According to a recent study, people of color and low-income Americans are more likely than white people to be concerned about climate change. (via LiveKindly)

Good news, that Portugal bans all wild animal circuses!

New vegan documentary - A Prayer for Compassion - explores the movement from a spiritual angle.