No more movie like Jurassic Park anymore

They don't make movies like Jurassic Park, anymore. I remember when I was a little kid, I watched it in the cinema with my brother and dad. I collected a lot of newspaper articles and other things about the movie. As most kids I loved dinosaurs. After the movie I got Chricton's book from my parents and I still have it. It was amazing. I don't talk about the other movies though, they are not worthy talking about. But that's for another post.

Chricton never wrote a sequel to any of his books, except Jurassic Park, and while the book was good in my opinion, Spielberg and co. really butchered the 2nd part on-screen. In fact I liked JP3 more than the 2nd movie, because it didn't want to pretend, it was about people running away from dinos, nothing more.

Just a few days ago I've watched the movie for who knows how many times and I started to noticed themes, that I haven't before. Like how they first see the animals

One of my favorite scene is when they talk about the park around the table, after they had the tour in the lab. How Genarro as a bloodsucking lawyer can only think about the money, while Hammond surprisingly wants the park for everybody and not just for the rich.

And of course Ian Malcolm's famous speech about controlling nature, science and not taking responsibility. What the other like about is how Ellie Sattler, the only woman at the table, calmly explained that mixing animals, plants so far away in time. She wasn't afraid to state her opinions,

Dr. Ellie Sattler, female botanist, partner of Dr. Grant, absolute equal to him throughout the movie. She is a strong character, without putting forward her gender. She is not the "oh look at me I am a women, I deserve special attention for it" character. She is not pushy, even though she wants the kids go in the same car as Grant, it's more of a prank than anything else.

She runs towards danger, and never let herself.

John Williams' music elevate the whole movie to another level from the start