Why it's good to be vegan?

by parasurv

I went vegan in October 2017, but this post is not about my journey. This is about why going vegan for me had some amazing and interesting effects.


I think my thinking in relation to nature and animals has changed. The question like, why we think we can be above - as humans - to other animals? Physically we are not strong, but because we developed a huge brain, it makes us automatically superior to everyone and everything in Life?

We spent centuries to realize enslaving humans is not good, but as the population grew we needed more and more animals to eat so we found a way to make the whole thing effective. Or we thought it's effective. Government subsidize animal agriculture, which makes meat and dairy cheaper, but still expensive in the long run. Health bills are pilling up for everyone.

We have absolutely no right to play god, to decide that one animal is above some other animals. There is no difference between a dog or a cat as a pet, than a pig, or chickens.


Going through cancer, losing weight was a positive which came out of it. However sometimes life just kick you in the face, and the result can be binging and eating yourself to back where you were. To be a fat and obese idiot fuck.

Only about 1,5 years ago realized - in a form of excruciating pain - that I need to change, if I want to live. My back hurt so much. That's when I finally gone vegan.

It's an interesting thing when people say that you are not vegan because you changed for your health and not for the animals. The result is the same however, and we shouldn't take away their problem and journey because they heard that they can help themselves by going vegan. Everybody will eventually watch those horrible slaughterhouse videos, in my opinion.

Cooking, eating and my relationship with food

Food always played a big role in my life. I was the chubby, short guy, whose athletic abilities were nonexistent. I couldn't run a few meters without running out of breath, and my hands and legs aren't the best friends of balls.

I learned cooking relatively late in life, due to my mother's illness and need to take care of her. However everything I know about cooking is from the past 1,5 years, and not from her. It's amazing how different can be cooking vegan foods from cooking meat mostly. While I was gaining weight I didn't really loved cooking, and sometimes I didn't cook. We can complicate things too much about cooking our food, I remember how my mother and grandmother spent their half of their days in the kitchen.

Cooking should not be that complicated.

Veganism change my relationship with food, and after a while I realized that I am addicted to certain foods. Sweets are a no go for me, just as bread, buns or any kind of baked goods. If I start I cannot stop myself.

Since I become vegan I eat mostly whole food plant based. I love cooked food, and I love my fruits.

When I cook it's like meditation for me. I usually can't focus on more things at a time, and cooking seriously can make me chill so much.

Anyway this is my take of being vegan for the past 1,5 years.

Note: I hope I can write more here, since I left social media, and I still want to write some things.