GOG sale recommendations for the week (08-10-2018)

Here are some of picks for this week of GOG sales. As I am a big fan of DRM-free stuff and GOG in general I thought, that from time to time I will collect some games for you. I like every kind of game, and try to create a good mix.

Earthworm Jim 1+2 (Linux) One of those action-platformer classics, that don't exist anymore.

Prehistorik (Linux) You can jump on enemies and bash their heads with a club. Hahah.

Toonstruck (Linux) Point & click adventure game with the legendary Christopher Lloyd. I wish I could played this game when it came out.

Battlechess: Special Edition (Linux) A chess game where the pieces actually destroy each other!

Castles 1+2 A strategy game where you have to build your castle and defend it. One of my childhood favorite.

Total Annihilation: Commander Pack (Wine) One of the best real-time strategy game of all time. Graphics still good, thanks to detailed animations. Terrain matters and it's land, air and sea warfare!

M.A.X. series (Wine) A sci-fi turned based strategy game. Littlebit underrated, but with really good gameplay design for the first game.

Kingpin (Wine) Based on the Quake 2 engine. It had some nice ideas for the time, especially in the age of Half-Life. Little bit underrated I think.

MDK (Wine) Classic third person action game. Good humor, excellent design and gameplay, music. One of my favorite games of all time, that I actually never completed. I recommend adamhm script for installation.

These were my recommendations for this week. If you are interested in the full sale, check them out here. Also if you are interested in more gaming stuff, you can follow me @parasurv@pleroma.site, if you are using the fediverse.