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Updates: 2019/11/04

website changes - 2019/10

I changed my base of the site. I am now using Emacs org-mode for writing and publishing. I also don't have RSS for the moment, I am still trying to decide if I need one, since I don't post as much anymore. Anyway this is my site, the design and colors are not final, but I wanted to publish it, as I want to move to Devuan this weekend.

contact changes

I now have separate page for CONTACT information.

Jabber/XMPP: finally registered, absolutely randomly. If you want to talk to me:

About me and the site

I'm parasurv! I like to write about Linux, games, plant based lifestyle, weight loss, and some cultural stuff. If you want to know more, check out the ABOUT page, if you want to write to me, see CONTACT. I occasionally write bad POEMS too.

At least for now, I don't have RSS, and it might not come back. For the latest updates, read the SITE UPDATES.

Latest posts

Favorite stuffs…

Here are the things I like and worth sharing.It's not a bookmark system though.

Twitch streamers (Updated: 2019/11/03) Moneywasters detected!

Poems (updated: 2019/09/02) Try to write something meaningful with rhymes or without it.

Ion Fury corner (updated: 2019/08/26) Ion Fury is my top game of 2019 so far. A great retro shooter all around.

Alien: Isolation corner (updated: 2019/09/01) My favorite game of all time. Excellent atmosphere if you like the Alien movies, you have to play this! It's about survival

Thief Corner (updated: 2019/07/03) I played Thief back in 1998 when it came out, and it's still one of the best game trilogy of all time. Here you can find resources, guides for the game.

Favorite subreddits (updated: 2019/06/03) Favorite subreddits where I ocassionally comment.

Favorite quotes // Slowly expanding, it's not like I have a notebook full of them…

Favorite Twitch streamers (updated: 2019/08/26) Not all, but some of my favorites who I watch weekly.

Russia in 4 seasons is it real though? Just a Metro: Exodus photoalbum with some amazing scenery. (external link)

Reading list (updated: 2019/02/22) What am I reading and what I want to read in the future.

Games to finish in 2019 (updated: 2019/08/23) Games I like to finish this year.

My little Linux wiki Some stuff I wanted to document, in case I forget. Solutions for some weird problems. See the newest stuff below!

My little Linux wiki

Emacs corner

Some credits

The site colorscheme is based on "Ir Black" of pleroma, and I am writing this site via org-mode (using org-publish) in Emacs.

Previously I used the dracula colorscheme, and the Nikola static website generator.

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