I'm parasurv! I like to write about Linux, games, plant based lifestyle, weight loss, and some cultural stuff. If you want to know more, check out the ABOUT page.

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I have a new social media account (mastodon), where I am spreading the positive vegan message. If you are interested, follow me at @parasurv@donteatanimals.org, read about that more.

I still have 2 other social media account, currently on break from it though: PLEROMA and one on FRENDICA. Both are part of the fediverse, and you can follow me from any account.

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Parasurv's Random Links

Occasionally I collect and share interesting links. You can also follow that via RSS.

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Favorite stuff...

Here are the things I like and worth sharing.It's not a bookmark system though. Most stuff I share via my pleroma.

My little Linux wiki

Some of the things I have learned over the years. It's like a little knowledge base, mostly for myself, so I remember stuff. Here is the whole index.

Emacs corner

about learning and failing with Emacs...


The site colorscheme is based on dracula, and the site is created with the Nikola static website generator and I am using the detox theme. This will be the site's theme for 2019, with little modifications here and there.

Fonts: I use Fantasque Sans Mono for headers, and Cooper Hewitt for normal text.