about me

My name's parasurv! I like to write about the some tech stuff (games, Linux, etc), but I occasionally write about plantbased stuff, health and culture. If you want to know more about me, check out the ABOUT page, if you want to write to me, see CONTACT. I am mostly on MASTODON these days...

Check out my PIXELFED for my food photos. Very amateur, but fun, hope to help people with plantbased stuff.

about the site

I wanted to build a minimal site, that is readable by everyone! No matter if you are using the latest, fancy graphical webbrowser, or something minimal, like a terminal browser. And I bet you can read this site on an old computer. I don't care about mobile compatibility though. If you find the font too small, feel free to use the zoom function in your browser. Thank you!

Snooker for 2 weeks long

NEW! Snooker page about this year's World Championship!

site updates: 2020 August

Updated the Old games stuff with Command and Conquer Remastered information. Including 3 videos, what's in the game, NoClip documentary and one about how the AI works in both games.

Plus I added some infor about Summer & Winter Challenge, an old sports game, which is now available on GOG.

#100DaysToOffload and other posts, plus updates

Read about #100DaysToOffload project.

favorite stuffs

Here are the things I like and worth sharing.It's not a bookmark system though.

gaming things